Hair Stylist Review from Atlantic Beach FL

Hair Stylist Review from Atlantic Beach FL My old stylist from a different salon just disappeared on me. She went on maternity leave, and I needed a cut, so I thought I’d just drop in at the salon and have someone else do it. I pulled up in the parking lot and found an empty building. The salon had closed! No signs about them moving or anything. Just gone! I was devastated!! It turned out...
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Trendy Hair Salon Review from Atlantic Beach

Trendy Hair Salon Review from another Yelp Client: Kerstin from Atlantic Beach, FL Moving to the Jacksonville Beach area 1.5 years ago I struggled to find a hair salon I truly loved until I found Cortello! The service is excellent and the atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing, wonderful salon experience. I feel like I am being treated at a 5 star hotel every time I go and the hair cut is...
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Atlantic Beach Salons, Cortello Hair Salon Beats them all!

An Atlantic Beach Hair Salon that’s frequently featured in leading local Atlantic Beach magazines such as Beaches Leader, The Buzz and FolioWeekly, all distributed in Atlantic Beach, Cortello Salon near Atlantic Beach provides technically perfect, artistically innovative services in downtown Jacksonville beach. Cortello Salon is the Jacksonville’s most stylish – and one of the...
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