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If you’re looking for the BEST hair extensions in Jacksonville, you found the right salon


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Not only is Cortello Salon one of highest rated “5-star” salons in all of Florida, but we offer the highest quality real-human hair extensions on the market. Cortello Salon extension specialists are “certified” and required go through an extensive training program and post licensing education to maintenance this designation.

“The dream of long beautiful hair can become a reality with our hair extensions.” As we have seen in the past: environmental factors, stress and harsh chemical treatments can damage the hair and its condition. Even with constant maintenance and and a healthy lifestyle, your hair only grows 1/2 inch per month. This makes it very difficult to be versatile and achieve that hair style you have always desired.

Luckily, we have a solution for you! Our hair extensions look very natural and are specifically designed to blend in perfectly with whatever your hair color (virtually making the extensions undetectable). In just a few hours, the hair extensions can give you the length and volume necessary to give you the look and style you desire. The best thing about the hair extensions is the attachment points are almost invisible (unlike many of the “beaded” extensions on the market today). After years of research and testing, we have finally found a line of extensions that can be comfortably worn with no problems or irritations to the client, while still looking natural.

Before making a decision on getting hair extensions, its important to consider two (2) major factors.

(1) The Hair: Our hair extensions our exclusively 100% Human Hair.The hair is recognized as “superior” quality on a world wide level and shows five star ratings in the hair industry.

(2) The Bonding System:Equally important is the system and method for bonding the hair. No matter what quality of extensions you purchase, if you do not properly “attach” the hair – you will not have good results. Our bonding system stands out above the competition as delivering a “high durability” and a natural “seamless appearance”. The extensions are applied with various strand thickness, which allow this natural appearance as well as a comfort-ability.

The hair extension line offers a variety of: colors, shapes, and lengths. Attaching the hair extensions is through a very gentle “patented” process, that is non-damaging to your natural hair. The only requirement this process requires is a minimum 4-6 inches of hair. Each strand is attached individually by hand, which allow our extension experts to perfectly adjust the hair individually to provide the natural realistic look.

Depending on the desired outcome of the service, our salon offers a variety of products to fit your needs. Below is an overview of the different types of extensions and lines we carry. We cannot do a consultation or price quote over the phone! Please ask for a complementary “in-depth” consultation and our experts will help you choose the right service for your needs.

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Hairdreams Hair Extensions: The Hairdreams system is considered by many as the best hair extension system in the world. With the company producing some of the smallest fixing points ever, Hairdreams is revolutionizing the extension industry. These micro-fine strands are considerably smaller than all traditional hair extension systems and are almost undetectable to the naked eye. These very fine strands allow the hair to fall naturally and beautifully as if it was part of the original hair (this is what really set the line apart from other extension lines).


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Hairdream Strands: Their wide variety of color hues make it easy to precisely match your existing (or desired) color. The whole process is extremely fast and gentle. Hairdreams works with 100% human hair. The micro strands are available in every length, color and structure requested. It is available in straight, slight or stronger wave, curly etc., so that we can match the strands optimally to your own hair.
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Hairdreams MicroLines: The Microlines hair extension system is ideal for individuals looking to replenish their natural volume on top of the head. This extension system is great for people who currently have thin hair or advanced hair loss. The hairdreams microline is hands down one of the most unique and impressive lines we have ever seen!
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Hairdreams TopHair: This innovative hair extension line (TopHair) is extremely fast, flexible, and convenient. Its ideal for clients with thinning hair on top of their head. The line creates an easy way to thicken the hair, while still looking very natural. Due to its unique construction, the tophair extension line is perfect for clients that desire a longer hairstyle with bangs or a parting in the hair.
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Hairdreams HighLines: This hair extension line (HairLines by Hairdreams) is perfect for adding a considerable more amount of volume to the top of the head. The line is designed for individuals with very fine to slightly thinning hair whom want to add volume. The extensions are done with micro-fine (almost invisible) special threads, which are integrated into the client’s hair (Yes, into their actual hair). We agree, this is a very unique way of doing extensions and we LOVE it!  With the very fine strands being attached to your current hair, the results are very natural and results can be adjusted to match your desire.


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Hairdreams Quikkies: This NEW way of doing hair extensions is the “easiest” and “quickest” way to achieve the look you desire. Hairdreams Quickkies are a taped on (flat) extension. This option allows for a quicker and more affordable way of doing hair extensions. Quickies is perfect for: color effects, bang extensions, and asymmetrical hairstyles. The extensions create an “extra soft” transition with invisible bonding agent, which gives a natural look and could be the best option for very thin or fine hair.
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HotHeads Hair Extensions:  This human hair is applied to an adhesive weft, that creates this unique line of extensions.  The hothead extensions are applied without tools or heat, which makes them quicker and more affordable than other extension lines. The companies goal was to create a product for the salon professional that was “simple, fast and extraordinary”, which we think they have accomplished perfectly


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We offer the highest quality real human hair extensions in Jacksonville Florida. Please visit our FAQ page for more information on hair extensions.